UK Government Awards $750,000 To Carbon Clean For Innovation Test

UK Government Awards $750,000 To Carbon Clean For Innovation Test - Carbon Herald
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A joint UK project between Carbon Clean and Doosan Babcock and Newcastle University will test two technologies that could substantially reduce the cost of CO2 capture.

The UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) CCUS Innovation 2.0 program, as part of the BEIS £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), has awarded the project a grant of £600,000 ($750,000).  

“As we accelerate the UK’s energy independence by boosting clean, home-grown, affordable energy, it’s crucial that our industries reduce their reliance on fossil fuels,” said Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Hands. “This investment will help them to not only cut emissions, but also save money on energy bills, on top of supporting jobs by encouraging green innovation across the UK.”

Carbon Clean, together with Doosan Babcock and Newcastle University will for the first time ever test the effectiveness of non-aqueous solvent (NAS) and a rotating packed bed (RPB) absorber and stripper together.

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The test will see how NAS and RPBs perform in comparison with conventional packed bed absorbers and regenerators. It will also determine the best operating conditions for simulated industrial exhaust gases. 

The project will facilitate Carbon Clean’s expert knowledge in CO2 capture tech using RPBs and will further boost innovation. 

Last fall, Carbon Clean introduced the CycloneCC solution, which uses RPBs to capture carbon dioxide while leaving a five times smaller physical footprint.

CycloneCC is easy to integrate and comparatively cheap, which is why it might be in high demand among the hard-to-decarbonize industries looking to reach net zero emissions. 

“Scale and cost are the biggest barriers to widespread deployment of industrial carbon capture technology,” said Prateek Bumb, Co-founder and CTO of Carbon Clean. “Carbon Clean is focused on overcoming these challenges through the development of breakthrough modular solutions and this BEIS-funded project will ensure we continue to lead in this field, expanding our knowledge of rotating packed beds in carbon capture applications.”

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