U.S. CLDP Unveils Its CCUS Handbook For Policymakers

U.S. CLDP Unveils Its CCUS Handbook For Policymakers - Carbon Herald
Image: CLDP

The Commerce Law Development Program (CLDP), a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has announced its new CCUS Handbook for Policymakers, which serves as a vital tool for policymakers seeking to navigate the complexities of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) implementation.

Also available in Bahasa IndonesiaMalayThai, and Vietnamese, this comprehensive resource offers insights into CCUS in accessible language.

The handbook was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR), and developed as part of the Clean EDGE (Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy) Asia initiative.

Crafted through the collaborative efforts of experts from various sectors, including government agencies, industry, and academia, it provides a foundational understanding of CCUS policies, rules, and best practices.

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The CLDP Energy Transition team stands ready to offer technical assistance to governments interested in integrating CCUS into their energy strategies.

From legal and regulatory support to risk assessment and market analysis, CLDP’s expertise covers a wide range of areas crucial for successful CCUS implementation.

CCUS holds significant promise in facilitating the transition to net-zero energy systems, offering economic opportunities and aiding in emissions reduction.

However, its adoption presents regulatory challenges and requires careful consideration of international agreements and contractual arrangements.

CLDP’s capabilities encompass regulatory review, risk reduction strategies, technology overview, market assessment, and project finance advice, providing comprehensive support to governments embarking on their CCUS journey.

With the CCUS Handbook for Policymakers, CLDP is expanding the scope of its series of open-source resources, which began with the Understanding Power guides sponsored by Power Africa, and continued with new decarbonization guides in partnership with ENR.

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