Two Ethanol Firms Seek Permission For Carbon Sequestration Projects In Kansas

Two Ethanol Firms Seek Permission For Carbon Sequestration Projects In Kansas - Carbon Herald

Two U.S. ethanol companies—PureField Ingredients and Pratt Energy—are seeking to pioneer carbon sequestration projects in Kansas, a move that requires approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), KCUR Public Radio reported Tuesday.

The proposed carbon sequestration projects are tethered to ethanol plants in central Kansas and necessitate approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These ventures coincide with a nationwide trend among corn ethanol producers vying for federal tax incentives to remain competitive against emerging biofuels with reduced carbon footprints.

Although this practice is heralded by some as a strategy to combat climate change, it faces opposition from environmental groups.

“Kansas has abundant geology that would be compatible with long-term permanent CO2 storage,” Brendan Bream, a senior scientist at the Kansas Geological Survey, was quoted as saying by KCUR Public Radio.

The Kansas Geological Survey plans to conduct a county-by-county study in order to identify areas suitable for carbon sequestration.

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PureField Ingredients, based in Russell, Kansas, has submitted an application to drill a well six miles from its facility, intending to capture 150,000 metric tons of carbon annually.

Meanwhile, Pratt Energy, located in Pratt, Kansas, has also applied to construct a carbon sequestration well, although specifics of the project are undisclosed.

As for the timeline, the EPA anticipates a two-year permitting process.

Pratt Energy initiated its application late last year, while PureField Ingredients commenced nearly a year ago and awaits a technical review expected to continue into the following spring.

Should the EPA advance towards issuing permits, the agency will solicit public feedback through draft publications and public hearings.

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