Twelve And Emerging Fuels Technology Partner On Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Twelve And Emerging Fuels Technology Partner On Sustainable Aviation Fuel - Carbon Herald
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Earlier this week, fossil-free chemical company Twelve announced the beginning of a collaboration with renewable fuel tech company Emerging Fuels Technology, where the two companies signed a Master License Agreement, guaranteeing mutual cooperation on the mission to scale-up production of Twelve’s sustainable E-Jet® fuel. 

The company acknowledges the importance of carbon-based compounds for the commodities of the modern world, and wants to provide a climate-positive alternative for these components by creating them from CO2 emissions rather than relying on the traditional fossil-fuel refining production methods.

The collaboration with Emerging Fuels Technology comes amid growing demand for Twelve’s E-Jet® fuel by companies looking to switch from conventional fuel to sustainable, fossil-free substitutes.

This innovative synthetic fuel is compatible with contemporary aircraft, enabling smooth operation with up to 90% less lifecycle emissions compared to traditional fuels. 

It uses CO2 emissions as an endless source of carbon, making it a great long-term solution for airlines looking to cut back emissions and reach net zero goals.

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The E-Jet® fuel has an impressive list of early adopters, including partners like the US Air Force and e-commerce platform Shopify. 

In 2022, Twelve, Microsoft, and Alaska Airlines released a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to work together towards further development and implementation of fuels derived from carbon and renewable energy, as well as organizing the first US commercial flight powered by Twelve’s sustainable fuel. 

By combining Twelve’s carbon transformation technology with EFT’s Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and Maxx Jet™ upgrading technology, the two companies will cooperate on expanding the scale of E-Jet® production to a level where it will match the soaring interest by the aviation industry.

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