Twelve And Alaska Airlines Announce Collaboration With Microsoft On Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Twelve and Alaska Airlines Announce Collaboration with Microsoft on Sustainable Aviation Fuel - Carbon Herald
LOS ANGELES/CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 14, 2017: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-790(WL) aircraft is airborne as it departs Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California USA. Image: Philip Pilosian/Shutterstock

Carbon transformation company Twelve, U.S. airline Alaska Air Group and U.S. multinational technology corporation Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on July 14 to collaborate on facilitating the market for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), including fuels from recaptured CO2 and renewable energy. The three partners will work on launching the first commercial demonstration flight in the U.S. using Twelve’s trademark CO2 neutral E-Jet® fuel. 

Twelve, Alaska, and Microsoft will collaborate on advancing the production of the fuel that is produced via a power-to-liquids process that uses Twelve’s carbon technology based on renewable energy, water, and CO2, which transforms carbon into chemicals and materials used for the production of fossil fuels. In addition to using E-Jet® for the first commercial flight, the fuel will also be supplied for some of Microsoft’s business flights to Alaska. 

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“By producing our drop-in E-Jet® fuel from captured CO2, we can rapidly and efficiently close the carbon cycle and allow businesses to sustainably use emissions to power their own business travel,” said Nicholas Flanders, Co-Founder and CEO of Twelve, adding that the partnership increases trust toward delivering E-Jet® at an industrial scale. 

E-Jet® is produced in partnership with Emerging Fuels Technology and offers 80% lower lifecycle emissions. This sustainable fuel can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the impact on neighboring communities. Shopify made the first purchase of E-Jet® through its Sustainability Fund in March 2022. 

Sustainable aviation fuel is an integral part of Alaska’s 2040 net-zero commitment. Since 2010, the U.S. state has collaborated with public and private partners to speed up public policies required for the newly established SAF market and advance market development. Alaska is among the founding members of the Aviators Group of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Buyers Alliance, which was introduced at COP26. 

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