Tribes Oppose Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline

Tribes Oppose Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline - Carbon Herald
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Indigenous tribes and their leaders spoke out against the planned carbon pipeline that is set to run through five US states, including Iowa and North Dakota. 

At a forum hosted by the Great Plains Action Society and several local tribal leaders, concerns were voiced that the project may pose a direct threat to the water supply and other resources of  Indigenous communities in the region.

In fact, the threat was said to also reach lands that are near the pipelines and not only the lands the pipelines directly run through.

The carbon pipeline project is to be constructed by Iowa-based company Summit Carbon Solutions and it has already been the subject of much controversy over the past year. 

The project will aim to transport CO2 emissions captured from ethanol plants down to underground storage sites in North Dakota. 

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And while there are many sides to the debate and different arguments to oppose the carbon pipes, one major concern is that the companies involved cannot guarantee their ability to prevent a future catastrophe. 

Brian Jorde spoke on behalf of the Domina Law Firm, who is currently working on legal strategies to oppose projects of this kind. 

Jorde questioned Summit Carbon Solutions’ knowledge of what could occur in case the carbon were to move past the storage boundaries. 

“There are too many unknowns,” he said. 

Summit has vowed to hold meaningful consultation with local tribes.

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