Tranter To Provide Heat Exchangers For New Blue Hydrogen Plant in Texas

Tranter To Provide Heat Exchangers For New Blue Hydrogen Plant in Texas - Carbon Herald

Tranter, a leading provider of heat exchangers, has secured a significant contract to supply heat exchangers for a new blue hydrogen plant’s carbon capture process.

The purchase was made by a leading EPC contractor with a focus on gas processing, separation, and liquefaction technologies.

The order includes six large plate and frame heat exchangers, made of stainless steel and 254 SMO, with EPDM gaskets. The heat exchangers will serve as vent condensers and for recovering heat between the lean and rich solvents.

The rich solvent, which has absorbed CO2 from a gas stream, needs to be warmed before entering the desorption column to separate the CO2 from the solvent and make it lean. The lean solvent, in turn, must be cooled before being reintroduced to the absorber. Tranter’s plate and frame heat exchangers, used for vent condensation, will condense any evaporated solvent back into the column during the desorption process.

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Tranter has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of heat exchangers. Thomas Cassirer, Director, EPC & Global Energy at Tranter, commented, “Tranter was an early runner with plate and frame heat exchangers in post-combustion carbon capture pilot plants back in 2010–2011, where we gained in-depth knowledge of the application, process, design, and operation of carbon capture plants.”

He adds, “As carbon capture plants now are commercializing to meet the global net zero goals, Tranter is a trusted advisor for the engineering companies during their engineering and design and to the end user during operation of the plant with our service presence in Houston, United States,”

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The construction of the blue hydrogen plant is scheduled to take place in Texas, United States, and it will cater to the production of blue ammonia in the area by supplying hydrogen and nitrogen.

Additionally, the plant will also offer clean hydrogen to businesses on the US Gulf Coast, allowing them to reduce their carbon emissions.

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