Toucan Partners With On World’s First Liquid Market For Biochar Credits

Toucan Partners With On World’s First Liquid Market For Biochar Credits - Carbon Herald

Toucan and have announced CHAR, the world’s first liquid market for biochar credits, facilitating automated, on-demand trading of biochar carbon credits.

The new platform consolidates verified carbon dioxide (CO2) Removal Certificates (CORCs) issued by onto a single platform, providing liquidity for project developers and offering buyers the flexibility to purchase credits from a diverse selection of projects., a pioneer in carbon credits based on long-term carbon removal, issues CORCs to project developers, ensuring transparency and integrity.

CHAR aligns with the mission of Toucan to efficiently scale the carbon removal space, supporting both emerging and established projects in the biochar market by enabling them to monetize credits for expansion.

In collaboration with Neutral, an environmental asset exchange, Toucan has designed CHAR to soon be accessible via Neutral’s trading platform, enhancing accessibility.

Moreover, CHAR’s integration with Celo blockchain network ensures fast, low-cost payments globally.

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CHAR boasts several key features, including an automated warehouse of biochar credits, transparent pricing, royalties for project developers, and direct retirements.

Projects in the CHAR pool undergo rigorous evaluation, with due diligence data publicly available for transparency.

Only CORCs verified by are eligible for CHAR, with credits flowing in and out of the pool without restrictions.

Initial credits are supplied by leading international biochar projects, such as Oregon Biochar, Exomad Green, American BioCarbon, and BC Biocarbon.

Biochar, a highly scalable form of permanent carbon removal, is poised for sixfold growth over the next two years, Toucan said, highlighting the crucial importance of infrastructure for sustainable market expansion.

CHAR addresses this need by providing a reliable platform for project developers to access returns for reinvestment and buyers to efficiently procure biochar credits with reduced risk.

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