Tomorrow’s Air, Octavia Carbon Team Up For Carbon Removal In Kenya

Tomorrow's Air, Octavia Carbon Team Up For Carbon Removal In Kenya - Carbon Herald

Tomorrow’s Air, a sustainability-focused travel advocate owned by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, has announced a strategic partnership with Octavia Carbon – a Kenya-based direct air capture (DAC) company.

This collaboration marks a significant step in promoting carbon removal and supporting local communities, Tomorrow’s Air said on its website, calling it “a win-win for our customers and the planet.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Octavia Carbon, a pioneer in direct air capture in the Global South,” said Christina Beckman of Tomorrow’s Air.

This partnership not only enhances our carbon removal efforts but also benefits local communities and showcases Kenya’s environmental assets, known as a dream destination for travelers, she stated.

Starting in November 2024, Octavia Carbon’s plant in Naivasha, located in the Kenyan Rift Valley, will utilize the country’s 93% renewable power grid.

Impressively, over 80% of the plant’s energy will come from geothermal waste heat, making the carbon removal process highly efficient and cost-effective.

The region’s basaltic rock formations naturally store carbon dioxide (CO2), eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure and transportation, thus lowering operational costs.

This geological advantage, coupled with renewable energy use, significantly boosts the efficiency of Octavia Carbon’s DAC process, according to Tomorrow’s Air.

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The project also offers substantial community benefits as it has created jobs for Kenyans, with plans to extend employment to local Maasai and Kikuyu communities.

The 99% Kenyan team of Octavia Carbon, currently around 60 strong, is set to expand with growing operations.

For travel companies and travelers, this partnership provides a unique chance to contribute to global climate action.

Travel businesses can partner with Tomorrow’s Air to integrate carbon removal payments into their offerings, while travelers can purchase these directly through the website.

With Tomorrow’s Air, we know we’ll be educating and inspiring travelers who will share their knowledge with others, said Martin Freimueller, founder and CEO of Octavia Carbon.

“Calling all adventure seekers! Whether you are embarking on a thrilling Kenyan safari or another unforgettable adventure, now you can turn every adventure into a powerful force for good by backing our carbon removal initiatives in Kenya,” Octavia Carbon appealed on its LinkedIn page.

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