TIME Launches Platform CO2.com To Speed Up Businesses’ Climate Impact

TIME Launches Platform CO2.com To Speed Up Businesses’ Climate Impact - Carbon Herald
TIME launches sustainability division and climate-action platform CO2.com.

Global media brand TIME announced on Sept. 20 it has launched CO2.com, a new climate action portfolio that aims to help businesses maximize their climate impact. The platform will offer curated and highly vetted portfolios that would allow clients to achieve measurable climate impact and successfully communicate their actions. 

Businesses can play a key role in climate action, said Marc Benioff, chair of TIME and CO2.com. “As business leaders, we will be judged by the quality and impact of the actions we take today. CO2.com delivers on the trust businesses want, and the impact and quality the planet needs.”

The climate action portfolios at CO2.com are science-backed, build by experts and verified by independent third parties. They allow customers to access projects that bring carbon impact through activities such as carbon removal and carbon reduction, carbon sinks protection and nature and community benefits. 

CO2.com has set out to offer a world-class, trusted service that allows companies to go beyond offsetting when it comes to climate action, said Simon Mulcahy, CEO of CO2.com and President of Sustainability at TIME. “We believe that most businesses want to move beyond weak climate claims and deliver real impact, yet struggle with the complexity.”

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To solve this problem, CO2.com offers a seven-step quality assessment framework that looks at projects’ “scientific robustness, additionality, permanence, long-term viability, project developer track record, nature and community co-benefits, as well as risk mitigation plan.”

The platform partners with Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace and looks for projects from carbon markets and beyond. 

CO2.com will present companies with detailed data, insights and other tools to use in communications and reporting. The platform also has a Learning Hub with climate explainers and guides and offers news updates on climate issues. 

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