This Holiday Season Gift Your Loved Ones CO2 Removal

This Holiday Season Gift Your Loved Ones CO2 Removal - Carbon Herald
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This year, Swiss specialist in carbon capture tech Climeworks has launched a special initiative that allows you to gift CO2 removal to your loved ones – and also to the planet. 

If you haven’t been sure what to get a friend or relative, perhaps the removal of climate-harming CO2 would make just the right gift. 

The initiative comes at a time when all sorts of festive activities are running high – but so are emissions. 

Traditionally, around this time of year, the amount of CO2 emitted increases by about 650 kilograms (1,433 lbs) of carbon per person.

This is due to the cold weather and the amount of heat we use to warm our homes, as well as the darker time of year, when we use more electricity to keep the lights on. 

On its website, Climeworks has offered a handful of practical examples to illustrate exactly what our carbon footprint looks like. 

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For instance, central heating in an average home results in roughly 30 kilograms (~61 lbs) of CO2 emissions for only 36 hours.

And driving 250 miles or 400 kilometers can end up emitting as much as 100 kilograms of (~220 lbs) CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Thus, Climeworks has come with what it calls the world’s most sustainable present. 

Not only will it not contribute to global carbon pollution, it will help battle it. 

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The Swiss carbon removal company offers customers three gift options of 25, 45 and 85 kilograms of CO2 removal. You are also welcome to choose a custom amount of CO2 ranging from 5kg to 2,000kg.

There are customizable design opportunities and you can set the exact date and time when you would like the recipient to receive an email with a link to their gift in PDF format. 

Alternatively, the gift PDF can also be printed out by you – sustainably, of course. 

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