Thirty UK Companies Enter Hydrogen And Carbon Capture Program

Thirty UK Companies Enter Hydrogen And Carbon Capture Program - Carbon Herald
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Companies across the UK are coming together to take part in a new program that advances hydrogen and carbon capture. Thirty manufacturing companies will work towards the Fit For Hydrogen (F4H2) and Fit For Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (F4CCUS) standards.

The standards will be used towards the Zero Carbon Humber Partnership which aims to decarbonize one of the UK’s most carbon-intensive regions.

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The goal is for the companies willing to enter the hydrogen and carbon capture space, to inform themselves, understand the specific requirements of their potential customers and demonstrate high standards of quality management and performance across their businesses.

Nuclear AMRC – a regionally based industrial advisor, will work closely with the thirty companies to help them close any gaps in their capabilities and performance. If they demonstrate they meet all the requirements, the organizations will be granted awarded status in December 2023 to receive sector-specific support.

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The program is a step towards testing and developing the capabilities of UK companies to supply the growing hydrogen and carbon capture markets.

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