Third Derivative Calls For Climate Tech and Carbon Capture Startup Applications!

Third Derivative Calls For Climate Tech and Carbon Capture Startup Applications! - Carbon Herald
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Climate tech startup accelerator Third Derivative has announced two new funding programs for startups working on decarbonization and CO2 removal.

The deadline for applications for both is April 12, 2022 and you can find all the details on this link to the application form.

The accelerator program offered by Third Derivative is 18 months long and its goal is to fast track companies and technology from a wide range of areas, while connecting them with .

Startups from a wide range are welcome to apply – hardware and software approaches, pure scientific plays as well as business model innovation all have a chance to be accepted.

The accelerator has decided to form two startup cohorts to tackle different aspects of the climate change emergency the planet is going through.

The broader Third Derivate climate tech cohort will be for those who provide paths to net zero emissions for existing industry and corporate companies, while the dedicated “Carbon Capture Cohort” is for companies that offer solutions for removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Both groups are set to benefit from Third Derivative’s extensive network of investors, partners and dedicated mentors who can help founders build connections and navigate the opportunities and threats facing their startups.

The announcements follows the launch of “First Gigaton Captured” by Third Derivative and the Grantham Environmental Trust in December. It’s also a partnershup with the aim of identifying, funding, and scaling the most promising carbon removal startups.

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