Third Derivative Announces The 15 Startups Of Its Next Cohort

Third Derivative Announces The 15 Startups Of Its Next Cohort - Carbon Herald
Credit: Third Derivative

The accelerator that supports clean tech innovation, Third Derivative (D3) announced its latest cohort of impactful startups. It listed the 15 companies that will take part in its 18-month accelerator program – Cohort 23-1, the first one for 2023. 

According to D3, the 15 startups were selected from a pool of nearly 450 applicants, and represent one of Third Derivative’s most selective cohort to date. The accelerator also states in its announcement that Cohort 23-1 is the smallest of its programs to date, but the impact of the technological innovations far exceeds their size. 

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They aim to be leading climate tech solutions of the future and leave their mark in the net zero sustainable economy. According to D3, some startups create low-carbon materials made with fiber-based organic materials, novel manufacturing processes, geothermal power for heating/cooling, and modeling software to find the most cost-effective climate-friendly building solutions.

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Others focus on carbon credits offering or developing a carbon credit tracking system. Carbonfuture is one of the 15 startups that build a carbon removal tracking platform and offers reliable carbon credits. Cella Mineral Storage is another participant in the cohort that provides technology for sequestering CO2 underground and transforming it into a rock – an approach that has been a key driver for the direct air capture space.

During the next 18 months, the innovations would aim to develop their ideas and address the market needs for clean tech methodologies and products to replace the old unsustainable materials and processes that cause problems for the society and environment. 

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Third Derivative is also accepting applications for its next General Cohort (Cohort 23-2) as well as the second cohort for its First Gigaton Captured initiative– a program focused specifically on supporting startups in the Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).

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