‘The Wombats’ To Release Carbon-Negative NFTs For Metaverse Concert

‘The Wombats’ To Release Carbon-Negative NFTs For Metaverse Concert - Carbon Herald
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Indie rock band ‘The Wombats’ has announced the release of 3,000 carbon-negative NFTs and an entire experience that comes with them. 

The announcement comes just after the release of the band’s fifth studio album titled  “Fix Yourself Not The World”. 

Starting February 8th, ‘The Wombats’ will start releasing their carbon-negative NFTs that are ready to be used in the Metaverse and will offer owners a whole range of perks. 

On the environmental side of the coin, purchasing the carbon-negative NFTs offsets 20 times the carbon emissions that were released from minting the NFTs.

But in addition to that, the NFTs are tied to the blockchain-based game “Rubik’s Cube”, where NFT holders can unlock various perks and bonuses. 

What “The Wombats” carbon-negative NFTs have to offer

The game is relatively simple and involves completing different sides of the cube in order to unlock new assets and experiences, as they are called in the game. 

For example, by completing one side of the cube, you get the chance to participate in a raffle for admission tickets and festival passes. 

Other benefits to be claimed by NFT holders include partaking in an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with ‘The Wombats’. 

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And as these non-fungible tokens are Metaverse-ready, owners will automatically receive a representation of their NFT in the The Sandbox’s virtual world in the form of a playable character. 

And the culmination of the whole initiative is set to be the Liverpool band’s virtual concert at Kollectiff’s stadium in the Metaverse. 

The stadium is inspired by the Brixton Academy in the U.K., and only NFT owners will be able to see ‘The Wombats’ live at this event, as no tickets will be sold outside of this NFT experience.

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