The Sublime Systems Process Enables >90% GHG Emissions Reduction

The Sublime Systems Process Enables >90% GHG Emissions Reduction - Carbon Herald
Source: Photo by Scott Webb

Sublime Systems, a company specializing in the development of fossil-fuel-free, scalable cement and concrete, has received a life cycle assessment (LCA) validating that its process can reduce 90%+ of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

The US startup is on a mission to drastically rescue the CO2 emissions of the traditionally hard-to-abate process of making ordinary portland cement (OPC)

The assessment was conducted by Climate Earth, a leading provider of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for the concrete industry.

As a result of the LCA, Sublime’s manufacturing process was shown to have a global warming potential (GWP) of only 72 kg of CO2 per tonne of cement, while that number in OPC is 922 kg of CO2 per tonne.

“As our company developed this breakthrough process, we were mindful that the construction industry wouldn’t respond well to shining white knights with splashy in-house PowerPoints claiming they’re saving the world,” said Sublime Systems CEO and Co-Founder, Leah Ellis, PhD.

“Seeing is believing, and we are grateful to be partnering with Climate Earth, the leader in these critical analyses for the concrete industry. Apples-to-apples comparisons using rigorous industry-accepted standards are foundational to driving real climate solutions and giving our stakeholders confidence in Sublime CementTM as a powerful decarbonization tool in their arsenal.”

As of now, Sublime Systems is hard at work planning its first commercial plant, which is expected to produce tens of thousands of metric tons of low-carbon cement annually. 

The company’s product, Sublime CementTM, acts as a complete and total replacement for ordinary portland cement (OPC) in concrete and is compliant with the ASTM C1157 specification, which is widely adopted in the construction industry. 

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