The Peatland Protocol Is Now Open For Consultation Until July 10th

The Peatland Protocol Is Now Open For Consultation Until July 10th - Carbon Herald
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The Peatland Protocol – an environmental protocol and a joint venture between Terra Motion Limited and ClimaFi Limited, is now available and open for public consultation. The Protocol is a certification framework that aims to establish a standard and methodology for measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) carbon reduction peatland restoration projects. 

The draft of the protocol has been published now for interested parties to submit their comments, feedback, and suggestions and contribute to the development of this important document. The consultation period is between the 12th of June 2023 and ends on the 10th of July 2023.

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All comments, feedback, and suggestions should be submitted in writing to within the consultation period.

The Peatland Protocol initiative was first announced in March, 2023 by Terra Motion Limited, a spinout from Nottingham University and ClimaFi Limited, a UK climate technology company. 

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Terra Motion has contributed to the development of the protocol and has brought in the expertise of its CTO, Dr Andy Sowter, who invented a ground-breaking method using satellite radar data to measure minute levels of ground surface motion across varying terrain types, including over peatlands.

ClimaFi Limited has contributed with its experience in AI and developing blockchain solutions for carbon credit issuance, monitoring, and reporting.

The Peatland Protocol (PP) document focuses on the digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification system that ensures accurate and transparent tracking of peatland restoration projects. It is a carbon standard designed to promote the restoration and conservation of peatlands, leveraging their ability to sequester carbon and provide various environmental benefits.

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