The Next 150 Locks In A 6-Year Biochar Carbon Credits Supply Deal With Microsoft

The Next 150 Locks In A 6-Year Biochar Carbon Credits Supply Deal With Microsoft - Carbon Herald
General Biochar Systems pyrolysis machine. Credit: The Next 150

The Next 150 – a carbon removal startup specializing in biochar production and operations, has attracted another important client to supply with high-quality credits. The company announced on March 21st it has signed a six-year purchase agreement with Microsoft to supply 95,000 tons of carbon removal biochar credits produced by its General Biochar Systems (GBS) subsidiary.

General Biochar Systems is a fully integrated biochar production company, operating the business unit’s first plant in Guanajuato, Mexico. Future expansion plans for the company’s biochar production facilities include at least two additional ones expected to come online in 2024 and 2025. 

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The agreement with Microsoft contributes to The Next 150’s ambition to become a top supplier in the emerging carbon removal industry. According to Patrick Atanasije Pineda, Managing Partner at the company, securing multi-year commitments like the one with Microsoft allows The Next 150 to mobilize large-scale biochar projects across Latin America, by attracting institutional finance for project-level lending, backed by creditworthy offtakes. 

“Our six-year purchase agreement and ongoing collaboration with The Next 150 is a step forward towards our ambition to realize our carbon negative by 2030 goal via a diversified portfolio of carbon removal,” also commented Brian Marrs, Senior Director for Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft.

General Biochar Systems works with local governments and civil society organizations to supply up to 23,000 local farmers with biochar as a sustainable and regenerative soil amendment, bringing additional co-benefits such as improved crop yields, reduced reliance on chemical fertilizers, and decreased plant stress during prolonged drought. Projects like this one are critical to help large corporations offset the emissions they cannot currently avoid while also benefiting farmers and reducing environmental degradation caused by unsustainable agriculture.

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