The Midwest Nuclear DAC Hub Receives $4M DOE Award

The Midwest Nuclear DAC Hub Receives The $4M DOE Award - Carbon Herald
Credit: Lukáš Lehotský | Unsplash

The Midwest Nuclear DAC Hub (MINDAC) – one of the 19 direct air capture projects announced for award negotiations by DOE, receives the $4 million investment by the Department of Energy. Back in August 2023, the US government announced up to $1.2 billion for the development of two commercial-scale direct air capture facilities in Texas and Louisiana (Project Cypress and the South Texas DAC Hub) and 19 additional projects selected for award negotiations to support their earlier stages of development.

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Fourteen of these projects will enable early-stage efforts to explore the feasibility of a potential DAC Hub location, ownership structure, and business model. Five will perform FEED studies that establish and define technical requirements focused on project scope, schedule, and costs to reduce risk during later project phases.

The Midwest Nuclear DAC Hub is one of the 14 projects to test the feasibility of deploying at-scale DAC technology. The $4 million award that is now secured, will be administered through Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy.

Dane County, WI, USA. Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

The MINDAC is one of the only two direct air capture infrastructures with plans to harness nuclear energy as a power source. The project is led by Northwestern University and will unite a diverse group of research and commercial partner institutions to test the feasibility of using a zero-emission nuclear fleet to power the air handling units.

The Northwestern University has partnered with major industrial experts in nuclear energy, direct air capture technology, CO2 utilization and transportation and research and institutional partners – Argonne National Laboratory, Constellation, Siemens, 3M, Energy Capital Ventures, LanzaTech, RepAir and Avnos, to work on the project.

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DAC technology leaders RepAir and Avnos will test the carbon capture and carbon removal systems while Constellation will explore the viability to supply nuclear power to the MINDAC Hub. LanzaTech, a company that uses synthetic biology to convert CO2 into products, will explore utilization for the captured carbon.

The Midwest Nuclear DAC Hub is one of Avnos’ four DAC hubs participation to test and develop its unique Hybrid Direct Air Capture technology. According to Avnos, its technology draws about ½ the energy compared to traditional DAC methods, accelerating efficiency and viability of direct air capture.

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