The First Carbon Footprint Map Is Now Live!

The First Carbon Footprint Map Is Now Live! - Carbon Herald

CarbonSpace, a unique satellite-powered platform designed to track carbon dioxide emissions on Earth over time, has officially launched its carbon footprint map.

The map provides an overview of the current CO2 levels emitted by country with both anthropogenic and biospheric fluxes included. 

Levels can be tracked year by year, as far back as 2000. In addition, the map includes data representing the total quantity of carbon dioxide emissions on earth for the respective year.

As an example global CO2 levels reached a total of 29.4 gigatons in 2020. 

Countries are also ranked based on their emission levels, with several, such as Russia, Canada and Peru, even being carbon negative.

The carbon footprint map provides a very convenient overview of the world’s emissions and how efforts to tackle the climate crisis have (or have not been) affecting them over the last years. 

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But as impressive and useful as it is, CarbonSpace’s carbon footprint map isn’t the company’s only product or solution offered to help mitigate the climate crisis.

In its desire to help businesses and individuals track their emissions and, hopefully, curb them, the firm has developed a platform that leverages satellite, ground sensor and inventory data to provide accurate measurements to users. 

Furthermore, customers also gain access to detailed analytics made possible via the sophisticated combined AI approach. 

The technology is fully remote and does not require any on-site operations whatsoever, making it all the more accessible. 

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And speaking of accessibility, CarbonSpace has succeeded in scaling its technology to bring costs down to under 10 Euro (~$11.32) per hectare. 

Monthly and even weekly automated updates are also included in the service. 

CarbonSpace is not the first company to provide a service of this kind. However, its innovative approach allows for much more accurate estimates and lower costs, which the firm believes can only help advance the global transition to net-zero. 

The carbon footprint map can be found here.

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