The First Carbon Capture Fabric Made With Algae Is Here

The First Carbon Capture Fabric Made With Algae Is Here - Carbon Herald

A new startup called Post Carbon Lab takes a very unique approach to making its garments. It uses an algae layer in its clothing that actually makes it breathe and capture carbon dioxide from the air. The carbon capture fabric is revolutionary and could potentially spur a new technology approach to creating sustainable fashion. 

The UK-based startup was founded in 2020 by one of the cofounders Dian-Jen Lin – a trans-disciplinary designer and researcher. The company is branded as a research design studio that aims to promote behavioral changes in people by taking better care of their clothes. 

However, since the technology also has a climate change impact – it hits two birds with one stone, it is also considered a sustainable fashion solution. 

“People are asking a bit more questions in terms of who’s producing my garment and how sustainable are your materials, for instance…So, we definitely, for the future of fashion, we need something that can drastically change people’s behavior, drastically change the ecological input and output from the fashion industry,” said Dian-Jen Lin.

The Carbon Capture Technology Explained

The technology is called photosynthesis coating which refers to the use of a living layer of photosynthetic microorganisms – either algae or cyanobacteria, on top of most sorts of porous fibrous textiles.

These microbes are embedded on the textile surface and then subsist on top of the textiles. What turns them into a carbon capture method is that they are able to conduct photosynthesis during the user phase. 

According to Dian-Jen Lin, there are multiple ways to implement this approach with the details depending on how each client would be interested in pursuing the look of the textiles. The garments also require some extra care from their owners like exposure to occasional sunlight and humidity. 

There are new companies on the horizon introducing groundbreaking solutions for sustainability and carbon capture for tackling climate change. Post Carbon Lab is working on a possible solution for climate change that could shift the way the world looks at fashion.

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