The EU Is Setting The ‘Gold Standard’ For Carbon Removal Certification

The EU Is Setting The ‘Gold Standard’ For Carbon Removal Certification - Carbon Herald

Sebastian Manhart, Senior Policy Advisor at Carbonfuture, believes that with the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF), the EU is on its way to create the ‘gold standard’ for carbon removal certification around the world. 

“Europe has a 2050 net zero target. To reach net zero, we need CDR (carbon dioxide removal), but it’s not yet integrated in policy vehicles,” Manhart said in an interview for the Carbon Herald on the Carbonsations podcast. 

“The CRCF is the missing building block the EU is creating that can be referenced by all subsequent legislation to achieve carbon removal and Net Zero.”

During our conversation, parallels between government support for CDR in the United States and Europe were drawn, in order to better understand the current political landscape in parts of the world. 

Namely, the contrast lies in the large-scale funding we’re seeing in the US for the support of different CDR pathways, whereas the EU is taking a slower approach to the novel industry, and is focused more on shaping the policy that will create the foundation for achieving long-term goals. 

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This contrast is predominantly due to differences in the political systems in the New and Old Worlds, where US officials are in office for shorter cycles, and this reflects on the way the system acts on certain decisions.

“Europe is very good at creating ‘gold standard’ legislation, and I can foresee this [CRCF] becoming the ‘gold standard’ of CDR certification,” Manhart commented. 

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