Thallo Releases Carbon-As-A-Service API Offering Carbon Credits To Customers

Thallo Releases Carbon-As-A-Service API Offering Carbon Credits To Customers - Carbon Herald

Thallo – the company building a transparent carbon marketplace, announced on June 27th a new product  – Carbon-as-a-Service (CaaS), an API solution that empowers companies to embed carbon credits directly into existing business operations.

The API will allow businesses to access high-quality, verified carbon credits across the entire carbon market. It can integrate carbon credits to companies’ products and services so people can offset the emissions from them. 

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The company’s technology also employs blockchain methodology to digitize verified carbon credits in collaboration with carbon registries and project developers. That way the carbon credits are gaining from higher credibility as the technology ensures a tamper-proof audit trail, eliminating the possibility of double-counting, and enabling the fractionalization of carbon credits.

Thallo’s CaaS solution connects customers directly with project developers, eliminating intermediaries and maximizing the value to developing nations from the purchase of those credits.

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“Thallo’s Carbon-as-a-Service product empowers businesses from across industries to embrace sustainability solutions transparently and effectively… Through our partnerships with over 200 project developers and access to more than 30 million tonnes of high-integrity credits, we ensure our customers have access to a wide selection at all times. By embedding carbon credits directly into existing business operations, sustainability becomes part of a company’s DNA, rather than a once-a-year afterthought,” commented Thallo CEO and co-founder Ryan Gledhill on the API launch.

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