Teenage Finalists For Earth Prize 2024 Unveiled

Teenage Finalists For Earth Prize 2024 Unveiled - Carbon Herald

The Earth Prize has announced this year’s 10 teenage finalist teams, showcasing pioneering innovations aimed at saving the planet.

Now in its third year, this global competition attracts young minds aged 13-19 from over 2,000 schools across 151 countries and territories.

With nearly 10,000 students participating, the Earth Prize has become a beacon for environmental innovation and youth empowerment.

Initiated by The Earth Foundation, a Swiss non-profit based in Geneva, the competition serves as a platform to address pressing environmental challenges while empowering the next generation of change-makers.

Recognizing the growing concern among youth regarding climate change, the Earth Prize offers a pathway for positive action, supporting inventive ideas that hold the promise of a sustainable future.

Last year’s champions, Team Delavo from Türkiye, devised the Ecaundry filter device to treat and recycle laundry water, addressing water scarcity in their region.

This year’s finalist teams are equally inspiring, tackling diverse issues ranging from textile waste recycling to flood prediction technologies, the Earth Prize said.

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Among the finalists are BioTex from Canada, pioneering textile waste recycling for use in Kenya; Ceres from Türkiye, employing plasma technology to protect crops globally; and CocoMellow from Vietnam, developing eco-diapers from coconut coir and banana fibers.

The list further includes Environmental Saviors from Egypt, Falcons and FloodGate from the US, HiveHealthy from New Zealand, Mycoflo and Pebble from the UK, and Sensory AI also from the USA.

These initiatives reflect a diverse array of solutions poised to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

Peter McGarry, founder of The Earth Foundation, emphasized the importance of channeling youth passion towards tangible solutions.

CEO Angela McCarthy underscored the competition’s role in amplifying youth voices and fostering a world where their ideas shape the future.

With the Earth Prize, young innovators are not just competing; they are collectively forging a path towards a more sustainable and resilient planet, she explained.

Reflecting on the Earth Prize’s impact, 17-year old Damla Aslan, a member of the 2023 winning team, highlighted the opportunity to translate environmental concern into action, stating, “You get to connect with inspiring educators, dedicated mentors and students worldwide.”

The winners of this year’s Earth Prize will be announced on Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, underscoring the ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and youth empowerment.

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