TechX Accelerator Starts Another Round Of Supporting Clean Energy Startups

TechX Accelerator Starts Another Round Of Supporting Clean Energy Startups - Carbon Herald

The TechX Accelerator program of the Net Zero Technology Centre is opening doors for forth consecutive year to support clean energy startups including those developing blue and green hydrogen technologies. The accelerator will offer prizes of up to $137,000 (£100,000) for the 12 new companies it will select to take advantage of both financial and expert support.

For the first time since its initiation, the program is solely focused on startups developing clean energy technologies as the world is in a burning need to accelerate the reduction of emissions to meet climate change goals. 

The accelerator will also focus on areas like renewable energy technologies, green and blue hydrogen, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), digitalization and other technologies reducing carbon emissions from the oil and gas industry.

“I look forward to seeing the ground-breaking solutions that emerge from this next cohort, and the support they can offer in helping the energy industry meet its carbon reduction targets, especially with COP26 happening this year in Scotland,” said TechX Director, Mark Anderson.

The program is expected to run for 15 weeks during which the startups will develop a viable product and test the value proposition. The startup accelerator also hopes to see 30% of shortlisted startups led by female founders or co-founders. 

The organizers are aiming to increase gender and diversity in teams that favor the development of the unique support system. The Net Zero Technology Centre’s extensive network also offers extensive knowledge and opportunities for the selected teams.

The TechX Accelerator presents an opportunity for young clean energy companies to reach the next level of developing their ideas. Assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs willing to deliver a workable solution for climate change mitigation is critical in times when greenhouse gas emissions are rising and urgent measures for curbing them are necessary.

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