Technip Energies & LanzaTech To Make Ethylene From CO2

Technip Energies & LanzaTech To Make Ethylene From CO2 - Carbon Herald
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Technip Energies and LanzaTech Global, Inc. announced their agreement to collaborate on the development of breakthrough technology that will create sustainable ethylene from CO2. 

The Joint Collaboration Agreement will combine the use of LanzaTech’s proprietary carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technology with Technip Energies’ Hummingbird® ethanol-to-ethylene technology.

Together, both sides will essentially use waste carbon dioxide for the production of ethylene, which is the most common component of petrochemicals, including detergents, plastics and various coatings used in our everyday lives. 

However, the conventional production process of ethylene is notoriously emissions-intensive and among the hardest-to-abate in the chemical industry. 

The new process developed by LanzaTech and Technip Energies will use CO2 emissions in its basis, as opposed to carbon derived fossil fuels, making the end product more sustainable and environmentally friendly than its traditional alternative. 

“We are very pleased to work with LanzaTech on another sustainable solution, this time to decarbonize ethylene. This breakthrough technology will not only capture carbon but will use it to make a valuable end product,” said Arnaud Pieton, CEO of Technip Energies.

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