Technip Energies Announces New Carbon Capture Solution For Every Emitter

Technip Energies Announces New Carbon Capture Solution For Every Emitter - Carbon Herald
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Technip Energies announced a new project named Canopy by T.EN™, following the launch of their Capture.Now platform, aiming to showcase in one place all the carbon capture technologies and solutions offered by the company. 

The new project is a further addition to the portfolio of emission-cutting services, and it will be able to address the demands and needs of emitters of all sizes.

Canopy by T.EN™ envelops a range of customizable modular post-combustion carbon capture solutions created to help emitters capture CO2 efficiently and meet emission reduction targets at reasonable rates. 

It can cover a wide scope of applications and has a capacity suitable for pilot plants as well as large installations. It can be used across various industry fields and different landscapes and locations.

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Within this project, there is a modular solution designed specifically for small-scale emitters (<1 Mtpa) who account for 80% of all emitters in Europe and the US. The Canopy C200 solution is a flagship product, and it is currently the only solution on the market available as a standard, configurable, modularized 200 Ktpa solution.

As small-scale emitters contribute to a considerable share of global carbon emissions, Technip Energies offers not only modular carbon capture installations tailored to help ease this carbon footprint, but it also provides a spectrum of services designed to facilitate the safe and reliable development of future emission-reducing technologies, helping maximize the value of operations and optimize CAPEX and OPEX.

These new technologies fortify the company’s plan and ambition to lead the global CCUS market. 

On behalf of Technip Energies, Christophe Malaurie, SVP Decarbonization Solutions, shared: “With Canopy by T.EN™, Technip Energies is shaping the future of the CCUS industry, and is more than ever positioned as a reliable and committed partner to its clients in their journey to net zero.”

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