T-REX And Xpansiv Partner To Bring Together Energy Transition Finance And Environmental Markets 

T-REX and Xpansiv Partner To Bring Together Energy Transition Finance and Environmental Markets - Carbon Herald
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T-REX, a SaaS solution to manage fixed-income investments, now allows for environmental performance data to be linked to sustainably financed projects. The sustainability information will be continuously updated in its ESG data platform. 

The environmental performance data uses Xpansiv’s Universal Project Number (UPN). The company recently made the UPN available for licensing in order to expand the system’s availability to address energy transition challenges at scale.

In order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the world needs reliable and scalable financial infrastructure to facilitate the trillions of dollars in investment, said Benjamin Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of T-REX. Through the integration of UPNs into a structured or private credit deal on the T-REX data platform, lenders and companies can power data-driven sustainability-linked benchmarks across different metrics, he also said. 

The clients of the ESG platform will be able to track the results of their investments in real time and across the lifecycle of any financed asset. That would allow enhanced returns on capital and lower risk, Cohen added. 

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The addition of UPNs on the T-REX platform would give lenders the opportunity to structure, monitor, and dynamically price facilities based on sustainability targets, track environmental impact, and improve their risk and portfolio management practices. 

On the other hand, organizations looking for financing will be able to leverage standardized external data integrated with financial and operational data and achieve optimal financing allowed through frequent and transparent reporting. 

The Xpansiv’s Environmental Instrument Numbers (EINs), which are linked to the UPNs, currently track billions of assets in the CO2, renewable energy, recycled plastics, and digital fuels market, said Andy Bose, Senior Vice President, Market Development and Policy at Xpansiv. “The breadth and flexibility of T-REX’s platform and its broad base of top-tier financial institutions provide the ideal format to bridge sustainable finance with Xpansiv’s global registry and environmental market infrastructure,” he added. 

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