Sylvera Wins UK Grant To Research Peatlands CO2 Removal

Sylvera Wins UK Grant To Research Peatlands CO2 Removal - Carbon Herald

Sylvera, a London-based carbon data provider company, has won a grant from Innovate UK to offer monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of land-based carbon removal in the United Kingdom’s peatlands. 

Peatlands play a vital role as carbon sinks. Emissions from peatlands constitute 3.5% of the carbon footprint in the UK and contribute to 5% of the overall human-caused carbon emissions worldwide. Funding peatlands protection and restoration through CO2 credits holds a high growth promise in the CO2 markets. 

Sylvera will conduct the research in collaboration with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology as part of their peatland restoration CGR-Peat project

The grant is the second Sylvera has received for this work, phase one research ended in February 2023. In phase two, the research will show proof-of-concept of Sylvera’s MRV tools and techniques for peatlands in 3 pillars: field data collection, ML (machine learning) modeling, and ratings.

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This is the second grant Sylvera receives for their work. Phase one of the research concluded in the beginning of this year. As part of phase two, the research will provide proof-of-concept of the company’s tools for monitoring, reporting and verification tools. That will focus on three pillars: field data collection, ML (machine learning) modeling, and ratings.

By enhancing the accuracy of carbon storage measurement within UK peatlands, Sylvera aims to enhance the credibility, confidence and uptake of both peatland revitalization initiatives and the corresponding CO2 credits they generate.

Research began on Aug. 1 2023 and is expected to end by July 31 next year. It will include field research, machine learning development, and testing across UK peatlands. 

“Understanding how much carbon is stored in our natural ecosystems is a key part of achieving the UK’s Net Zero ambitions,” said James Coombs Obrien, Innovation Lead, Innovate UK. “Through the second phase of the ‘MRV tools and techniques for land based greenhouse gas removal’ competition, Innovate UK is supporting companies, like Sylvera, to better measure and quantify this carbon to advance Net Zero progress.” 

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