Sylvera Introduces New Catalog & Screenings Tool To Identify High-Quality Carbon Projects

Sylvera Introduces New Catalog & Screenings Tool To Identify High-Quality Carbon Projects - Carbon Herald
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Carbon data company Sylvera has unveiled a new feature in its platform, aimed at improving the ability to filter and compare carbon projects in a simplified and faster manner.

Up until now project information and data has not only been fragmented but also hard to analyse when reviewing projects side by side, leading to a lack of transparency on key issues like quality and credit availability. Investors interested in getting the full picture about a project have often had to work on a spreadsheet level that doesn’t provide the full picture or isn’t standardized in a way that allows comparing with other projects.

“A huge pain point in quality carbon credit procurement is understanding what project types even exist and their existing supply. Sylvera’s Project Catalog seamlessly and directly answers these questions, allowing buyers to focus on the details of the project rather than the time-wasting aspects of aimless searching. It’s now a crucial tool in our approach” said Mark Goldman, Head of Carbon Science at

These issues are resolved by the two-pronged approach of Sylvera’s Project Catalog and Screening functionality. The Catalog aggregates data from nine registries (with more on the way) and includes almost 20,000 projects across the full spectrum of the carbon markets.

At the time of the launch the registries are: Verra, Gold Standard, ACR, CAR, EcoRegistry, Puro, CDM, Emission Reduction Fund of Australia and BC Carbon Registry.

Screenings, the other part of the new feature, provides a detailed overview of the key metrics that describe project quality and the risks they face. These are grouped around carbon accounting, additionality, permanence and co-benefits.

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Serving as a complement to Sylvera Ratings – used primarily for due diligence – Screenings can provide signals about challenges with quality and risk even before diving deeper into the due diligence process, and essentially filtering out projects that don’t serve the individual goals a company might have in terms of its carbon credit strategy.

This provides a fast track to shortlisting the most suitable projects for investment across eight project types: REDD (Reduction of Deforestation), ARR (Afforestation, reforestation and revegetation), IFM (improved forestry management), ICS (Inclusive Carbon Standard), RES (Renewable energy source), Grasslands, Croplands, and Landfill Methane. 

In a statement after the launch of the feature the company said it expects its clients to be empowered to make informed decision about the projects they select for their carbon credit strategies. Sylvera also added that Project Catalog and Screenings can be seen as a significant step in breaking down the complexity of carbon markets by providing a unique level of transparency and a tool for due diligence that ensures confidence.

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