Sylvera And Pachama Publish Report On The Top 10 Trends To Watch In The Voluntary Carbon Market

Sylvera And Pachama Launch Top 10 Trends To Watch In The Voluntary Carbon Market - Carbon Herald
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Voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) are undergoing revolutionary changes with new market body guidances being introduced, as well as the restructuring of how carbon credits are prioritized in the market.

Halfway through what has already been a significant year for the voluntary carbon markets, two expert organizations – Sylvera and Pachama – decided to ask carbon market experts what they see as the most important trends in the VCM this year and going forward.

Click this link to go to the download page of the full report: 10 Trends Carbon Market Experts are Talking About Right Now

The VCM has received an unprecedented amount of mainstream media attention since the start of 2023, that has led to an increasing need for transparency and visibility of carbon credit projects. New climate disclosure regulations are also coming online around the world.

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) has launched a Claims Code that serves the demand side of the VCM. The Claims Code provides companies looking to implement greener practices with a guidebook on what constitutes a credible climate claim.

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The VCMI has also teamed up with market governance body ICVCM to create an integrated market integrity framework that will bring more accountability, transparency and credibility to the VCM.

At a government level, the EU has begun working on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework – the first proposed EU framework that will aim to introduce overarching rules for measuring, validating and certifying carbon removals. The framework will influence the guidance and rules set in the VCM by independent bodies. 

The Top 10 Trends To Watch according to Sylver and Pachama’s research are:

  • Small setbacks have occurred against the backdrop of steady market growth
  • Corporate buyers are participating in a “flight to quality”
  • Technology is working to unlock greater supplies of high-quality projects
  • Corporates are focusing on “investing” over “buying”
  • Carbon credits should come “last, but not later”
Credit: Sylvera and Pachama
  • Companies are going beyond “offsetting”
  • Buyers and developers are pushing for more equitable approaches to carbon project development
  • Standard-setters are working on better, more consistent corporate guidance
  • The voluntary market is laying the foundations for mandatory regulation
  • The voluntary carbon market is still growing

We are witnessing how this new version of the VCM is shifting, developing, and growing. Buyers are encouraged to take the lead and invest in high-quality carbon credits projects. They are not just supporting those projects, they are also unleashing a new world of innovation, sustainable living, and climate justice that is not something we have experienced so far and is immeasurably valuable when it comes to reducing emissions.

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