Sylvera Integrates Into Its Carbon Data Platform

Sylvera Integrates Into Its Carbon Data Platform - Carbon Herald and Sylvera have announced a unique partnership through which key data for carbon removal projects will now be accessible to a wide range of companies and governments.

Carbon data platform provider Sylvera will be utilizing’s API which arguably has the richest dataset when it comes to engineered carbon removal. This will allow Sylvera’s users to have a direct view on how CDR projects are progressing and provide a higher level of transparency for potential purchasers and investors.

Sylvera co-founder and CEO Allister Furey commented on the integration by saying: “ is the go-to data source about engineered carbon removals and Sylvera provides the most rigorous analysis of both avoidance and removal projects’ impact. Together, offtakers and investors can now access the most robust set of data and insights about both avoidance and removal projects from one place, making it easier to navigate the carbon market and drive funding to effective climate solutions that contribute to real net zero progress.”

One of the challenges that the nascent carbon removal sector is starting to come up against is generating demand. point out that of the 350,000 companies with over 250 employees less than 1% have purchased carbon removal. A challenge but also an addressable market.

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The Sylvera integration itself now places carbon removal companies among broader carbon credit suppliers, who have been until recently the main focus of carbon market data providers. Being more visible is hoped to provide a stimulus for suppliers to highlight their progress by submitting sales and deliveries numbers, as well as over 20 additional variables that provide a snapshot to anyone interested in purchasing credits or investing.

The information now become freely available to the entire industry ecosystem – from purchasers and investors, to policymakers, scientists and the media. This is part of the ongoing efforts of to provide both a high and constant level of transparency in the carbon removal space, supporting suppliers’ visibility and credibility.

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