Sylvera And ACX To Offer The First Contract With High-Rated Carbon Credits

ACX Singapore & ACX's Abu Dhabi Exchange Connect As One Environmental Assets Market - Carbon Herald

ACX (AirCarbon Exchange) – the first regulated carbon exchange and clearing house offering participants to enter the OTC market to buy and sell carbon credits has partnered with Sylvera, a leading carbon credit ratings platform

Sylvera and ACX will collaborate to develop the first standardized contract of high-quality carbon credits with a rating of A and above – AA and AAA, available to be traded on the ACX’s exchange. The contract – ‘A’ Nature Tonne (SAN) will accept carbon credits from Sylvera’s highest-rated projects to restore investors’ trust in the carbon markets and ensure the security needed to invest in it. 

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The contracts also make sure projects comply with social and environmental safeguards that reduce complexities and simplify decision-making in the trading process. It provides a scalable way for investors to support sustainable carbon removal projects. 

The carbon credits are nature-based from REDD+, Afforestation, Reforestation, and Restoration, and Improved Forest Management projects of all vintages. Such projects are vital for the restoration of our lost ecosystem and sustaining current ones. They also have other co-benefits such as alleviation from poverty by providing livelihood for local communities.

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“Exchanges like ACX have a critical role to play in providing investors with more robust data and information at the point of decision-making to ensure the effectiveness of climate action investments and measure and benchmark progress against net zero targets. Together, we can build a more transparent, comprehensible, and high-quality voluntary carbon market that drives forward real climate impact,” commented on the announcement Sam Gill, Co-Founder and President at Sylvera.

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