Sweep Launches New CO2 Management Solution For Scope 3 Emissions

Sweep Launches New CO2 Management Solution For Scope 3 Emissions - Carbon Herald
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Carbon management and reduction platform Sweep has just launched its new Sweep for Supply Chain solution that addresses Scope 3 emissions.

According to some estimates, Scope 3 emissions can make up anywhere between 80% and 97% of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide and are especially difficult to tackle due to their nature, which is related to the entire supply chain. 

However, precisely the vastness of Scope 3 emissions is what makes them so critical to address in the wake of the raging climate crisis and rising global temperatures. 

This, in turn, makes the release of Sweep’s now carbon management tool all the more important for the decarbonization of the planet. 

Namely, Sweep for Supply Chain helps leverage corporate-supplier collaboration to gain a wholesome perspective of Scope 3 emissions across the entire supply chain and gives companies a chance to future-proof their operations. 

“As companies navigate through global supply chain instability and consumer expectations for sustainable products, supply chain data can help them make informed climate and corporate decisions, and ultimately ensure business longevity,” said Rachel Delacour, Sweep co-founder and CEO.

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