Swarovski Partners With Climeworks On Carbon Removal

Swarovski Partners With Climeworks On Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald

Swarovski, an international jewelry company, is joining the fight against climate change by signing a carbon removal deal with Climeworks. 

The company plans to minimize, offset and cut back on its CO2 emissions resulting from its industrial processes. 

Being a firm that strongly believes that scientific knowledge is indispensable, Swarovski has emphasized on its eagerness to facilitate change. 

Any climate strategy that doesn’t involve carbon removal means making less pollution today, but no guarantee of clearing pollution in future years. 

Hence, it is essential to incorporate carbon removal in every sustainable strategy to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and combat the climate crisis.

Swarovski is investing more to have sustainable manufacturing operations and reduce its carbon footprint.

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As part of its sustainability efforts, Swarovski has signed up a 5-year agreement with Climeworks, a CO2 capture specialist, to achieve its carbon removal goal. 

The company also joined the Science Based Targets Initiative (2021) to reduce emissions of scope 1 and 2 by 47% by 2030. 

The jewelry manufacturer aims to inspire other companies to embark on their carbon removal journeys. 

With the launch of Orca in September 2021, Climeworks officially became the firm with the largest carbon storage plant with direct air capture (DAC) technology. 

It can officially capture 4000 metric tons of CO2 annually with the help of a modular container-size collector unit. 

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Another way via which Swarovski aims to lower its carbon footprint is by using sustainable raw materials in its production and thus minimizing its energy consumption in every store. 

The same procedure will help reduce carbon emissions from the packaging and architecture sector.

The company is also collaborating with the SBT initiative to strengthen its resources and achieve its climate goals and has committed to maintaining its sustainability strategy until its targets are fully met.

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