Svante Partners With Kiewit For Carbon Capture Expansion

Svante Partners With Kiewit For US Carbon Capture Expansion - Carbon Herald

Svante recently announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kiewit, one of the largest construction companies in the US, for providing turnkey carbon capture solutions.

The target markets for Svante and Kiewit are heavy industry in both the US and Canada, where oil and gas, cement, chemicals and steel plants are expected to be looking for solutions that reduce their emissions without the need to build costly internal teams and processes.

The projects will use a solid sorbent technology that captures CO2 directly as an “end-of-the-pipe’’ solution. The captured carbon dioxide won’t need ay additional treatment and will be ready for transortation and storage.

Official estimates say that over 2,000 plants for removing carbon will be needed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, if the latest COP26 targets are to be met.

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David Claggett, Senior VP of Kiewit commented that, “New technologies have the greatest probability of success when deployed with an integrated project delivery approach by organisations skilled at driving cost and schedule uncertainty.”

He added that Kiewit’s brings to the table an abundance of experience in constructing carbon capture plants.

Kiewit’s current carbon capture capacity is reportedly 5.5 tonnes per day but another 60,000 tonnes are already in the works.

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