Svante Included In The Global Cleantech 100 List

Svante, MineSense and General Fusion Listed On Global Cleantech 100 - Carbon Herald
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Cleantech Group has named three portfolio companies of tech venture capital firm Chrysalix  the 2022 Global Cleantech 100 list, including Svante, MineSense and General Fusion. 

Chrysalix Venture Capital focuses on cleantech and the field of transformation industrial innovation, and it has used the opportunity to congratulate the three companies on this noteworthy achievement. 

Being included on the Global Cleantech 100 list is a sign that Svante and the other organizations have proven themselves best positioned to shape a better, more digitized and carbon-free future for the planet. 

And Chrysalix itself has maintained its status of the leading independent VCs for investments in cleantech, especially where the revolutionization of resource intensive industries is concerned. 

Only in 2021 alone, the VC raised $500 million of new capital for the companies in its portfolio, among which are the three newly listed firms on the Global Cleantech 100.

Who is on the list?

General Fusion is a global leader in global fusion power and also the developer of the world’s first commercially-viable fusion power plant.

Svante has also been at the forefront of making ground-breaking climate tech commercially viable, only it specializes in carbon capture and storage (CCS). The company is dedicated to providing large-scale CCS solutions for emissions-intensive industries. 

And lastly, MinseSense has helped enhance the sustainability of mining by pioneering its digitalization and offering real-time bulk ore sorting for the mining industry that is sensor-based. 

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Each of the above companies has been recognized for strong leadership qualities in its respective area and the tremendous efforts made to advance the global energy transition while keeping costs down.

Being listed on the Global Cleantech 100 is a prestigious sign of recognition, as the list is peer-reviewed and features only the most promising private companies with ground-breaking, innovative ideas in cleantech. 

Furthermore, the list also features a report of each sector with a detailed market and trend overview from the Cleantech Group.

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