Svante And Storegga Partner Up For Global Commercial-Scale Carbon Capture Projects

Svante Technologies Inc. and Storegga announced yesterday that they have signed a MoU for integrated carbon capture projects globally.

“This new agreement with Storegga is another example of how we’re collaborating with strategic partners across the CCUS value chain to equip our customers with everything they need to achieve their emission reduction targets”, said Matt Stevenson, Svante’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Working with Storegga will address the needs of industrial companies who are looking for environmentally responsible pathways to capture their carbon emissions and either safely sequester them underground or use them to make other products”.

“Carbon capture and removal, also referred to as carbon management, is a key pillar the world can lean on in its efforts to decarbonize.” said Dr. Nick Cooper, Storegga’s CEO, “Combining Svante’s capture technology with our experience in project development, and the transportation and storage of CO2, I’m confident that together we can provide our customers with a competitive CCUS project offering.”

The partnership will connect two pieces of the carbon capture puzzle with Svante supplying its capture and removal filter tech, while Storegga will bring its transportation and storage experience.

This is the third partnership announcement coming from Svante in October. The company will also be partnering up with Samsung Engineering for projects in Asia and the Middle East and announced a supply agreement with Bosch for scaling up the production of its proprietary sorbent material.

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Storegga’s has also been active with multiple partnerships announced over the last year or so. It is of course the lead developer of the Acorn CCS project, one the flagship initiatives in the industry.

An MoU with Aker Carbon Capture for the UK market also stands out, as well as work on storage projects in Norway with Neptune and Sval. The company’s subsidiary Pale Blue Dot was also among those awarded a carbon storage license by the UK government back in September

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