Supercritical Pioneers Real-Time Pricing And Availability For Biochar Carbon Removal

Supercritical Pioneers Real-Time Pricing And Availability For Biochar Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald

Supercritical, a leading carbon marketplace, has launched the world’s first live pricing and availability feature for global biochar projects, promoting transparency in the emerging carbon removal market, The Next Web (TNW) reported Thursday.

Carbon removal credits (CRC) offer a promising alternative to traditional carbon offsets, provided they are properly measured, verified, and funded.

Supercritical aims to ensure CRCs maintain integrity through its comprehensive 118-point vetting process for the projects it supports.

The London-based startup now provides live data for 80% of high-quality biochar solutions globally, marking a significant step in the carbon removal industry.

This transparency allows for more immediate and impactful purchases, crucial as the market grows and ESG regulations become stricter.

Michelle You, co-founder and CEO of Supercritical, emphasizes the importance of maintaining high standards in the carbon removal industry to avoid the pitfalls faced by the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

She highlights biochar’s rising prominence as an accessible, permanent carbon removal method, though the influx of low-quality projects remains a concern.

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Biochar is produced by converting organic waste into stable carbon through pyrolysis, which involves heating it to 300-700°C (572-1292°F) in a low-oxygen environment.

This process sequesters carbon for thousands of years when added to soil, making it a low-tech yet effective climate change solution.

Biochar carbon removal credits are also more affordable, averaging $176 per ton compared to $600-$1,000 for direct air carbon capture (DAC).

The biochar market is expanding rapidly, with Microsoft recently purchasing 95,000 tons of biochar CRCs.

High-quality credits average $220 per ton, underscoring the need for buyers to recognize their value.

Supercritical’s 118-point vetting process spans climate science, environmental impact, delivery risk, and social impact.

Named one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers for 2024, Supercritical counts Virgin Atlantic, Tide, XTX Markets, and The Economist Group among its clients.

Co-founded in 2021 by Michelle You and Aaron Randall, Supercritical is committed to scaling the carbon removal industry to gigaton capacity.

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