Summit To Re-Apply For Carbon Pipeline Permit In North Dakota

Summit To Re-Apply For Carbon Pipeline Permit In North Dakota - Carbon Herald

Carbon capture pipeline developer Summit Carbon Solutions is planning to re-apply for a permit in North Dakota, after initially being denied in August 2023.

Since then, Summit has faced a number of regulatory hurdles and delays, causing the company to postpone the official launch of the pipeline project until 2026. 

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The project, which is set to become the largest of its kind, spanning over 2,000 miles across five midwestern states (Neraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas), has also undergone some route changes, in order to comply with certain state regulations. 

The pipeline will connect ethanol producers and will transport their CO2 emissions to permanent storage sites. 

Although North Dakota only has one of the ethanol plants in the project, the state’s oil and gas industry is eager to use carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

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However, that is not Summit’s intention for its planned project. Instead, the company is fixed on taking advantage of the state’s unique geology to durably store away the captured CO2 from ethanol producers in other states.

Aside from North Dakota’s geology, the state is also among the few to be granted authority to issue permits for underground storage. 

“We don’t have any customers today approaching us about enhanced oil recovery,” said Lee Blank, CEO of Summit Carbon Solutions, in an interview for the North Dakota Monitor.

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