Summit Carbon Solutions Digs First CO2 Storage Wells

Summit Carbon Solutions Makes Progress With Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

Summit Carbon Solutions announced it has begun operation on an important milestone in the development of the North Dakota carbon capture and storage pipeline project – drilling multiple stratigraphic test wells. 

The wells will serve as a permanent geologic storage location for the emissions that will be collected from ethanol plants and other industrial facilities in the state. For the drilling part, Summit has contracted Neset Consulting and the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) to manage and provide technical oversight of the data collection and interpretation.

Apart from drilling test wells, Summit has received state and local permits to collect 3D seismic data on around 200 square miles of land in the western part of North Dakota. 

The company will also collaborate with Paragon Geophysical Services for the completion of the seismic tests and will use the resulting data to create a 3D model that will provide the basis for simulation, design, and permitting of CO2 storage facilities in the area. 

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Summit Carbon Solutions is the developer of a proposed carbon capture and storage pipeline that will span across Iowa, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. So far the company has agreed to collect emissions from 32 ethanol plants in those states and transport them to North Dakota where they will be injected into underground rock formations for permanent storage.

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Over 10 million tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions from the ethanol plants will be captured. North Dakota was chosen as the storage destination due to the state’s abundant geologic storage capacity and its well-established carbon management regulatory framework.

According to the Summit’s Executive Vice President – Wade Boeshanse, the project will be transformative for the carbon capture, ethanol, and agriculture industries. He also said the team is making progress on pore space acquisition and data collection. The next following step is submitting storage facility permit applications.

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