Summit Carbon Solutions Signs New Easement Agreements

Summit Carbon Solutions Signs Easement Agreements for 51% Of Pipeline Route - Carbon Herald

Summit Carbon Solutions reached new project milestones in North Dakota as the decarbonization platform signed easement agreements for over 51% of its proposed pipeline route and 85% of the proposed sequestration area in the state. The news was announced on Oct. 31 on the company’s website.

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The company’s carbon capture, transportation, and storage project thus remains on track to start construction in Q3 of 2023 and begin operations in 2024. 

The nearly $900 million pipeline investment in North Dakota aims to utilize the state’s unique geology to permanently store CO2, accelerating economic growth and creating new jobs in the process. 

Earlier this year, however, landowners raised safety concerns regarding the proposed pipeline project, and some filed complaints that the CO2 pipeline coming onto their property without consent or compensation is unconstitutional.

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