Summit Carbon Solutions Secures 80% Of Easements In North Dakota

Summit Carbon Solutions Secures 80% Of Easements In North Dakota - Carbon Herald

Carbon pipeline operator Summit Carbon Solutions announced earlier this month it had secured 80% of easements from landowners in North Dakota. 

The news comes after a series of disappointing events for not just Summit’s proposed carbon pipeline projects. 

Much of 2023 was marked by strong pushback and regulatory setbacks for all three of the major CO2 pipeline projects set to connect ethanol producers across the Midwest. 

In fact, project developer Navigator CO2 even scrapped its project altogether after facing regulatory issues in South Dakota and Iowa.

Roughly around the same time, Summit Carbon Solutions also announced unforeseen changes to its plans, as the company postponed the development of its 2,000-mile long pipeline to 2026, following a denied application by the North Dakota Public Service Commission

But despite the setbacks, Summit says it is continuing to work with landowners along the pipeline route, which has led to the successful acquisition of 80% of the needed right-of-way (ROW).

“Our team is dedicated to working with landowners to address concerns and reach a mutually agreeable path. This has led to a higher percentage of ROW acquisition, reflecting our commitment to progress and community partnership,”  said Summit CEO Lee Blank.

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