Summit Carbon Solutions Reaches Easement Milestone For CO2 Pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions Reaches Easement Milestone For CO2 Pipeline - Carbon Herald
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Summit Carbon Solutions has just announced a new milestone in its CO2 pipeline project with 1,400 easement agreements signed in Iowa. 

The controversial $4.5 billion project is expected to see the construction of a 2,000-mile pipeline, set to pass through five states: Nebraska, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Iowa.

Summit Carbon Solutions has now announced that it has successfully worked together with 800 landowners in Iowa that resulted in the easement agreements, marking a major milestone for the pipeline project. 

According to the Iowa-based company, this secures another 350 miles of the proposed route in its home-state, totaling roughly half of the 2,000 mile stretch.

This means that at this pace, construction will begin as planned, just about a year from now, in the third quarter of 2023. 

In a comment on the milestone, Summit Carbon Solutions CEO Lee Blank outlined the company’s intention from the very get-go to partner with landowners and provide new economic opportunities for ethanol producers and farmers.

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He continued by saying: “Securing easement agreements for more than 50% of the proposed route in Iowa clearly demonstrates the momentum behind our project and the growing recognition that carbon capture, transportation and storage projects will enhance our economy, improve environmental outcomes, and generate new sources of revenue for local communities.”

However, many landowners still remain opposed to the proposed pipeline project due to safety concerns and this has already caused friction between them and Summit

Several landowners refused to allow survey crews from the company onto their properties, which has led to ongoing lawsuits. 

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