Summit Carbon Solutions Makes Changes To North Dakota Pipeline Route

Summit Carbon Solutions Makes Changes To North Dakota Pipeline Route - Carbon Herald
Source: Matthew Sheahan from Pixabay

Summit Carbon Solutions has made changes to its proposed pipeline route in North Dakota, as the company re-applies for a permit. 

After numerous setbacks that have caused the pipeline operator to postpone the start of its carbon pipeline project, Summit Carbon Solutions is still committed to securing all the necessary permits for its 2,000-mile CO2 pipeline. 

Earlier this year, regulators in North Dakota denied Summit a permit for the project, citing the company’s failure to address certain “impacts and concerns expressed by landowners” as the reason. 

At the time, Summit said it would do everything necessary to incorporate the considerations outlined in the North Dakota Public Service Commission’s decision, and now it has notified the commission of reroutes of the carbon pipeline. 

Other changes the pipeline operator has made to comply with the PSC’s requirements include a reduction of the corridor width from 300 to 200 feet

Currently, Summit is expecting the PSC to schedule a new hearing and is preparing for hearings in Iowa that are scheduled to take place later this month. 

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