Summit Carbon Solutions Denied Pipeline Permit In North Dakota

Summit Carbon Solutions Denied Pipeline Permit In North Dakota - Carbon Herald
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Last week, regulators in North Dakota unanimously denied granting Summit Carbon Solutions a siting permit for its proposed carbon capture pipeline. 

The proposed pipeline project will aim to connect ethanol plants in five states, including Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota, thus helping the ethanol industry reduce its carbon footprint. 

The $4.5 billion project is set to span some 2,000 miles, 320 of which are in North Dakota, where regulators became the first to consider the request. 

Summit Carbon Solutions has announced it will try resubmitting its request with the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

According to regulators, the reason Summit was denied permission to site its carbon pipeline project had to do with the company’s failure to address certain “impacts and concerns expressed by landowners.”

“We’re committed to understanding and incorporating the considerations outlined in the decision. We are confident that our project supports state policies designed to boost key economic sectors: agriculture, ethanol, and energy,” Summit said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, evidentiary hearings on the Iowa section of the proposed pipeline project are set to begin August 22 and last several days. 

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