Summit Carbon Solutions Signs Decarbonization Deal With NPN

Summit Carbon Solutions Signs Decarbonization Deal With NPN - Carbon Herald

Summit Carbon Solutions recently announced that they have entered into an agreement with Northern Plains Nitroge (NPN) for the deployment of carbon capture for decarbonization.

The two companies shared that their goal is to capture 500,000 tonnes of CO2 every year from NPNs future $2.5 billion blue ammonia plant located in North Dakota.

Back in December the council in Grand Forks extended the duration of NPNs letter of intent, so that the company can secure more investors that would guarantee the project’s financial backing.

Reports from local media have stated that the a plume aviation analysis is still pending and could force the selection of a new location because the current one is close to Grand Forks Airport.

Despite this the Grand Forks area seems like an excellent choice for the plant, as it’s very well positioned to supply farmers both in the northern US states, as well as farmers in Canada who need nitrogen-based fertilizer.

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Once the project is operational, carbon dioxide will be transorted via pipelines and its final destination will be a location in North Dakota which is already being developed.

NPN CEO Don Pottinger commented on the deal by saying: “By partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions to capture, transport and permanently store CO2, we will further reduce the carbon intensity of our products. This is a great story for agriculture, and for the state of North Dakota.”

Summit’s CO2 pipelines have been the subject of debate and have caused concern among some farmers in recent months, especially in Iowa.

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