Suez Submits Details For Two Carbon Capture Plants Joining Net Zero Teesside Hub

Suez Submits Details On Two Carbon Capture Plants Joining Net Zero Teesside Hub - Carbon Capture

Recycling company Suez revealed more detailed information on the carbon capture plants that it plans to develop as part of the Net Zero Teesside carbon capture hub in the North East of England. 

The company has submitted a lengthy scoping document to Stockton Council with details on its intentions to create two carbon capture plants for its energy from waste facilities at Haverton Hill that will be linked to the Net Zero Teesside project.

The carbon capture facilities would aim to take away 98% of all carbon emissions from operation. Annually, Suez handles 9.9 million tons of domestic, commercial and industrial waste.

They are located on the planned route of the pipeline that will transport CO2 from Teesside to a storage location in the North Sea. 

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The Net Zero Teesside carbon capture hub plans to sequester around 10 million tons of emissions from industrial sites per year. It has also been named the UK government’s preferred project to lead the UK’s net zero ambitions.

The company responsible for gathering and compressing the emissions and exporting them to offshore to the storage location is Northern Endurance Partnership. 

It will also be responsible for monitoring the quality and volume of the CO2 produced. According to the submitted documents by Suez, the energy from waste plant would continue to operate with emissions bypassing the carbon capture equipment when it wasn’t running.

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Last month, Suez also announced it received approval from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to progress further with its carbon capture plans for its energy-from-waste plants at Teesside. Now it revealed more details about the plants themselves by submitting the papers to the government that mainly look at environmental impact measures. 

The Net Zero Teesside carbon capture hub is an ambitious project and hopes it will boost employment in the region and add value to the economy. Still, the government needs to put under scrutiny the hubs claiming they will help the country reach its net zero goal.

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