Subsea Survey Provider Sulmara Joins Bayou Bend CCS Project

Subsea Survey Provider Sulmara Joins Bayou Bend CCS Project - Carbon Herald
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Subsea survey provider Sulmara has recently announced its involvement in the Bayou Bend CCS project in the United States. 

The Scottish company was chosen by Bayou Bend CCS, a partnership between Chevron, Talos Energy, and Equinor, to conduct an offshore geophysical survey along the planned route of the Bayou Bend pipeline. 

The objective of the survey was to collect crucial data on potential archaeological and geological hazards that may pose risks along the pipeline route, starting from the shoreline connection point to the location where the future offshore platforms will be placed.

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Sulmara utilized the WAM-V 16 uncrewed surface vessel (USV) for a detailed geophysical survey. This innovative vessel allows for efficient data collection without the need for a crew on board, reducing costs and risks associated with the survey process. 

Additionally, the inspection leveraged the support of the Starlink satellite system by SpaceX to ensure reliable communication between the shore and the WAM-V USV. 

Darius Rivera, the Sulmara Project Manager, stated that by combining the WAM-V with Starlink, they were able to establish faster communication with the mobile command center located approximately 15km away from shore. 

This marked a significant achievement, as it was the first time they were able to surpass the 3km distance limit with this type of USV. This advancement not only led to an enhanced quality of data but also reduced the time required to gather information in comparison to using a traditional survey vessel.

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Rivera also shared that the data collected is among the highest quality the company has ever seen from an USV.

He commented, “Launching the USV proved challenging given the time of year with the higher winds and seas. However, I am delighted we were able to overcome these issues and provide Bayou Bend CCS with such valuable data.”

The Bayou Bend project involves plans to establish a CCS facility in Southeast Texas, marking the first offshore stratigraphic well for CCS in U.S. state waters.

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