Sublime Systems To Build First Kiloton-Scale Plant For Low-Carbon Cement

Sublime Systems To Build First Kiloton-Scale Plant For Low-Carbon Cement - Carbon Herald
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Sublime Systems, developer of low-carbon cement products, has just announced the selection of a site for its first commercial, kiloton-scale plant.

Since its launch in 2020, Sublime Systems has managed to create an environmentally friendly alternative to one of the most widespread building materials in the world and has raised $40 million in a Series A funding round to bring its revolutionary idea to market. 

Sublime’s product called Sublime Cement boasts the same qualities as regular portland cement in terms of durability and strength, but it is free from the use of fossil fuels, which are a key component in the manufacturing process of traditional cement.

Hence, the emissions from burning fossil fuels are avoided, as are the emissions that result from heating limestone in kilns, resulting in a low-carbon cement product, which is immediately ready to replace portland cement in concrete. 

Currently, the company produces some 100 tons of its cement per year at a small facility.

With the help of this new expansion and perhaps others in the near future, Sublime hopes to scale production up to 40,000 tons per year by 2025.

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The site Sublime Systems has secured for its first large-scale commercial plant is located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

The choice of location was dictated by Holyoke’s robust hydroelectric resources, which are critical to Sublime’s manufacturing process, the state’s rapidly growing green economy, and the company’s potential to contribute to it, by creating high-quality, benefits-bearing jobs.

“The same qualities that made Holyoke a world-class industrial hub in the past perfectly position it to now be the home for clean tech manufacturing of the future,” said Sublime Systems CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Leah Ellis.

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